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Technical Meeting on Regional Websites

There are many information and knowledge related to development of Social Forestry and Forest Product in ASEAN. Those information and knowledge need to be shared to stakeholder who has strategic interest on Social Forestry and Forest Product. Website is one of the tools to share information and knowledge. 

ASFN has developed its website since 2009. In progress, the website is developed by linking to intranet. Which has been launched during 6th ASFN Annual Meeting, 14 June 2012, in Cambodia, and the Meeting agreed that ASFN Secretariat to organize Technical Meeting on the use of website to support the ASEAN Cooperation in Forestry. 

ASEAN Experts Group on Forest Product Development/ AEG FPD has been suggested Indonesia to lead the ASEAN Regional Knowledge Network on Forest Product Development to develop website and organize a capacity building for ASEAN Member States in regards to the website technical aspects. 

To ensure and put into use of the website as tool for information and knowledge sharing related to development of Social Forestry and Forest Product, ASFN Secretariat and AEG FPD Indonesia co organized the technical meeting on regional websites to support ASEAN forestry cooperation. This meeting was also supported by ASFN Indonesia as the host of ASFN.

This technical meeting was one of the outputs of ASFN Secretariat under ASEAN – Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change, ASFN Focal Points and Networks Partners effectively participate in the Network and fully contribute to knowledge sharing and capacity development. participants in the opening

Attended by 36 participants from 7 ASEAN Member States (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), Partners and academia also other related ministries. This three days meeting was organized collaboratively between ASFN Secretariat and ARKN FPD in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on 12 - 14 September 2012. This technical meeting sought to upgrade and maintain website on regular basis as a means for sharing information.

At the end of the meeting, participants expected to be able to upload photos, videos, and articles or other documents related to Forest Product and Social Forestry progress in each respective participant Country, to update each Country menu every month with particular activity related to FPD and Social Forestry and upload and download documents related to ASFN activities in ASFN Intranet.

The following recommendations are based on the responses provided by the participants and discussions between instructors and organizers.

1.       Each AMS want to have each own page of country to manage their information and data to the website. The ASFN Website developer will follow up this.

2.       The manual of ASFN Website and ASFN intranet will be given to ASFN Brunei Darussalam, Lao PDR, and Malaysia to be shared with Selangor and Sarawak Country States. CNO will follow up this


3.       There will be information on who will be the administrator of each ASEAN Member State for managing ASFN Website. For temporary, Philippines will be managed by Mr. Eugene Vinluant and Thailand will be managed by Mr. Nangrok Thongruk. CNO will follow up this.

end session


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