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Formulate the idea of ​​sustainable rattan certification in Kutai Barat

Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) Indonesia Programme collaborated with Local Government Forestry Unit/LGFU of Kutai Barat (Kubar) District, Local Government Industry, Trade and Cooperation Unit / LGITC and WWF Indonesia have conducted a Workshop of Scheme and System of Rattan Sustainable Certification on 10 January 2013. The aim of this workshop was to formulate the idea of rattan sustainable certification in Kubar. The Workshop has produced common understanding on the importance of guarantee/certification of sustainable rattan in Kubar, agreed to establish Unit of Rattan Sustainable Certification in Kubar and develop a short term plan for Rattan Sustainable Certification in Kubar.

This workshop has been appreciated by the presence of Head of Trading of LG ITC Unit, J T Lavau; Representative of Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) Indonesia Programme, Panthom Sidi Priyandoko; Representative of LGFU Kubar, R&D Forestry Ministry of Forestry Republic Indonesia/MOFRI, Jasni; Representatives of Academy and Universities (UNMUL, CSF UNMUL and UNSEN), farmers and rattan craftsmen and NTFP Forum. 

The complete news can be seen on: http://www.kaltimpost.co.id/berita/detail/8560/sertifikasi-rotan-lestari-mulai-dirumuskan.html  

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