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 Overview – Three Key Points

  • The imminent threat of climate change is felt and acknowledged.
  • The impact traverses through 3 main sectors -forestry, energy (industry and transportation) and agriculture. 
  • Government initiatives on environmental protection existed through various National Policies and Acts – National Policy on Climate Change 2009 


National Forestry Policy 1978 (revised 1992)


Various forestry enactments and ordinances were formulated and enforced by the respective state authorities.

Social Forestry Role in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption

Institutions Involved in Social Forestry 

  • Promoting rehabilitation of degraded forests with local community participation.
  • Promoting communal planting of various trees in urban and sub-urban areas.
  • Encouraging permanent agriculture to prevent open burning by slash and burn farmers.

Priorities regarding to Social Forestry in Malaysia

National Forest Policy (NFP)

  • NFP recognized vital role of forest for welfare of community and national economy through concept of multiple land use.
  • Salient points in the NFP with regard to social / community forest are:
    • To promote active local community involvement in various forestry development projects
    • To maintain their involvement in agro forestry programs
    • To develop comprehensive program in social / community forestry to cater for the need of rural and urban community.

Key Activities regarding to Social Forestry in Malaysia

  • 26 Million Trees Campaign
    • Planting 26 million trees by 2014
  • The Green Wave Program
    • In conjunction with International Year of Biodiversity 2010
    • Recognized by convention on Biological Diversity
    • Planting trees in schools throughout Malaysia 
  • Coastal Areas Conservation Program
    • Mangrove and other coastal species
  • Agroforestry within Sarawak Planted Forest Project
    • Various agroforestry activities such as apiculture with trees, silvo-pastoral, silvo-fishery (tagang/tagal system), handicrafts  
  • Batu Puteh Community Ecotourism Project
    • Forest restoration, forest protection
    • Eco tourism, home stay
  • Nature Awareness Education by RDC (Rainforest Discovery Centre)
    • Iconcept: Melentur Buluh dari Rebungnya (jnior nature education)
  • Other On-going Social Forestry Programmes
    • Mangkuwagu Social Forestry Project
    • Gana Social Forestry Project
    • Bengkoka Social Forestry Project
    • Kelawat JFM Model Forest 
    • Tamparuli Social Forestry Project
  • Community Tree Planting
  • Environmental Education Programme ofr biodiversity conservation
    • Forest Camp for school students 
  • Community based eco tourism in Kota Marudu, Sabah
  • Social Forestry through capacity building and technology transfer
    • Enhancing livelihood of local community by building the valley, pond and providing fruit seedlings 
    • Providing training for preparing compost and fish farming 

Role of Social Forestry in Contributing to Food Security and Addressing Climate Change

  • Contributes to socio-cultural sustainability and provision of access to additional income of the local communities
  • Conservation and protection of forest biological resources (complements biodiversity conservation, protection and rehabilitation).
  • Contributes to Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) 
  • Awareness and education to local communities on the importance of conservation
  • Enhance carbon stock by increasing the number of trees planted especially degraded forest.
  • Increase food production through various agroforestry projects.

Next Steps

  • Promoting more community-based forest restoration programmes
    • Promoting Effective Forest management and conservation programmes to sustain biodiversity and increase
  • Green House Gas Sink.
    • Promoting Environmental education in the industrial, transportation an construction sectors, as well as in farming community 
  • Strengthening Enforcement of existing policies and laws regarding environmental protection.
  • Enhancement of heritage value of forest through social forestry
  • Co-management of forest conservation area
  • Intensifying Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involving social forestry